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Customized training, support, resources, and consulting for teachers and administrators.  As an experienced educator, knowledgeable program specialist, and reputable professional, I'll work with you and your staff to meet your specific program needs and goals.  By team teaching, modeling, brainstorming, and providing materials, we will work together to create and enhance your educational program. 

I have been an educator, trainer, and presenter since 1999. Certified in Elementary Education with Early Childhood and both Bilingual/Spanish and English as a Second Language K-12 endorsements, I am able to design trainings to meet the needs of a vast range of educators and students.

These sites are user friendly and support a range of grade levels, subject areas, and abilities.  I am a passionate educator and life long learner that strives to find resources and strategies to improve education for teachers and students.  Please let me know if you have other websites that you find helpful as educators, and I will include them on this site as resources to share.  Thank you for all you do for kids and for your efforts to improve academic instruction for students!  As a team teacher, program specialist, writer, and trainer, I am always looking for new ways to incorporate teacher friendly educational materials.  As a mom, I'll also include sites that are helpful for little ones at home, and homework tips and resources for parents to guide with the school years.

You are welcome to use these chants and songs, I've written, with your students. Let me know if you have an upcoming topic or theme and I'll write one for you!  I am a writer for Scholastic's Instructor Magazine, so subscribe if you'd like additional educational ideas and materials.  And, I've written a book called Best Teaching Practices for teachers with resources, materials, and strategies that have proven successful in the classroom, so contact me if you'd like to purchase a copy.

Some tried and true pracitical advice for teachers from behavior management to effective teaching practices.


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